Alternatives to a HIFU Facelift in Singapore

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Singapore has very often been respected as a country that is highly prominent for being less tolerant of new ideas. Not long ago, it was seen as an indicator of self loathing for a woman to go for aesthetic treatments, much less guys. The booming coverage that medical aesthetic treatments is experiencing in this tiny, nation is proof enough that it’s quickly being accepted as ok. At the same time, advances in aesthetics and procedures in scientific beauty contributed to the rise of something that came to be known as tea time treatments ,  where a lady could do a medical aesthetic treatment to improve or upkeep the way they looked, and still end up being able go back to meetings the same day. The globalised commodity of convenience has now descended upon the cosmetic enhancements industry – and the patients are loving every inch of this. 

The treatment that has gained the most popularity from this sharp rise is the HIFU facelift. As opposed to the traditional, surgical facelift, the HIFU facelift requires no incision can be done much less painfully by an aesthetic clinic. Check out Cambridge Therapeutics for more information on this. With the HIFU face lift being all the rage now in Singapore, what are some of the other options that women go for in their quest for beauty?

Radiant Skin

Applied to combat and reverse the telltale signs of ageing,  fine lines, low skin elasticity and sagging, skinboosters like teosyal are an extremely popular skin treatment in Singapore. Often injected into places of the skin, brands such as restylane result in the look of tighter skin. Very much like other needled procedures, brands like juverderm are performed by medical professionals. The primary compound, HA, is a substance that is secreted naturally by our own bodies and is the main reason making sure healthy cells in our tissues. Immediately after it is administered into the patient’s skin cells, skinboosters begin to treat the target part of the body.. Even though results are not immediately detectable, they become quite visible after 23 days. Injectibles such as Ellanse is classified as a simple cosmetic service with mostly no healing period required. Sometimes, there will be bruising caused by the microinjections which might require less than 4 days to fully heal. Expect to pay $$500 for a one session of skinbooster procedure.

New PICOlaser

Picolasers are now counted as one of the most popular aesthetic phrases on the internet. Used in aesthetic procedures, picosecond lasers have demonstrated to be effective in removing skin pigmentation.  In Singapore, pico lasers are most frequently used in removing freckles and tattoos.

When undergoing a picosecond laser session, discharges of laser energy are aimed at the group of pigmentations in the skin. The laser smashes the pigment cells into smaller fragments. Your body will then cleanse these bits and pieces of pigmentation away naturally. As the discharges of laser energy last merely billionths of a second, the chance of your tissue to receive burns is very unlikely. There is no downtime from picosecond laser procedures and persons that have undergone picosecond laser treatments are fit to return to work or daily activities immediately after the procedure. Patients who notice swelling are advised to see their doctor immediately. Pico laser treatments will set you back around $450, but differences may be observed as each of the clinics may have their individual prices.

Melasma Treatment

With age, our layers of skin lose tightness, tone and starts to have dark-coloured spots that were not there before.Living in Singapore, it is not uncommon for quite a number of people to face conditions with skin pigmentation throughout their lives. One other possible major cause for the developing of additional spots can be due to direct contact with ultraviolet (UV) rays and/or sunlight. As a result, it should come as no surprise that the proliferation of different forms of discolorations problems akin to freckles, solar lentigoes and melasma is a common event on highly visible areas like our face, forehead, cheeks. The most important process in removing pigmentation conditions hinges on the identification process. An example is how different symptoms of pigmentations can overlap each other, with multiple conditions of pigmentations located within the same patch of the skin, but treatment methods can be altogether different. To make things worse, there are at least 5 different kinds of frequently encountered pigmentation conditions, each with their own different causes and different optimal removal methods.

Accurate diagnosis is fundamentally important to successful removal of pigmentation. Blindly treating pigmentation conditions is a recipe for disaster. It is possible for several pigmentation types to be mistakenly identified as other types of pigmentation due to the closeness in appearance between certain pigmentation manifestations. There have been a number instances of the pigmentation symptoms deteriorating from application of the wrong treatment protocol. As such, it is not uncommon for individuals to ask for multiple views from various doctors on the pigmentation issues you are looking to fix, before accepting any specially formulated course of pigmentation removal treatment.

Acne Scar Treatment

The same area of skin can even exhibit a number of differing types of scars, and each different type  comes with a different treatment best practice. Acne scars that form as a outcome of acne are considered to be the challenging skin issues to reliably solve, simply due to the various possible differing subtypes of acne scarring, with each requiring its own recommended treatment method.Moreover, the difficulty of variables considered during the treatment protocols is compounded due to the fact that every person’s skin expresses individual conditions apparent only upon close observation that could possibly change the targeted effect of the treatment procedures. Acne can result in various different types of scarring. One area of skin can even show a number of different types of scars, and each different type  has a different treatment method.

Although it’s tempting to think there to exist flawless treatment that can completely remove all acne scars, but a treatment like this simply has not been created yet. Precisely administering the correct type of treatment procedure to the optimal type of scar is the secret in getting optimal results for removal of acne scars. If you have been searching for solutions to your acne scars for a long time now, we recommend that you consult a few dependable aesthetic clinics doctors to gain a better grasp what is suggested to resolve your optimal outcomes before embarking on any treatment. A number of differing strategies incorporate lasers, subcision, RF needling and various other treatments into one well balanced strategy. Acne scars are very difficult to heal fully, so I hope you don’t expect them to come at cost! You should expect to pay approximately $2,900 and upwards for a comprehensive plan for acne scar healing treatment.Still interested in a face thread lift in Singapore? Read this article to find out more about the procedure.