What vitamin are you lacking if your nails are brittle? Vitamins you need in your life

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What vitamin are you lacking if your nails are brittle? If your eyes are the window of your soul, then nails are the window of your inner health. People usually think the quality of nails depends on how you treat them while the fact is healthy hair, skin, and nails come from inside. Often you observe that doctors can specify your medical condition after examining your nail. Good nails determine that you are healthy and take all those steps, which are essential. But if your nails peel and split, then you have brittle nails. Brittle nails occur due to a variety of reasons that may include essential vitamins lacking, health disorders, or many more.

What vitamins are you lacking if your nails are brittle?

Brittle nails are due to a variety of reasons. It may include aging, and frequent polishing is also a reason. Brittle nails are also due to cold weather because the skin becomes dry and rough. In the cold, it is normal. But as we discuss, it reflects our inner condition, so this may be related to health, lacking some vitamins also cause brittleness of nails. So the question is, what vitamins are you lacking if your nails are brittle.

You might notice that pregnant women have very long healthy hair, nails, and fresh skin. This is because they take prenatal supplements, which keeps them fresh. Here we come to the main point if you have vitamins and mineral deficiency, it shows up as dry, cracked brittle and deformed nails. 

Vitamins necessary for nail health

Here I list some essential vitamins you should use to maintain your fingernails and skin health.

  • A diet’s lack of calcium may contribute to your dry and brittle nails.
  • Lack of folic acid and vitamin C in the diet also led to brittleness.
  • You may observe ridges are also produced along the nail bed; this is due to the deficiency of vitamin B complex, especially biotin.
  • Intake of insufficient essential oils such as Omega 3 also causes cracking.

How to treat brittleness of nails

What should you do to maintain a healthy vitamin level? The best way to treat brittleness is to take a healthy balanced diet. If you do not know what to eat, then follow our guideline, it surely helps you. 

  • To get vitamin B naturally, eat fish, cheese, mushrooms, avocados, nuts seeds, milk, and yogurt.
  • You will get vitamin C from citrus fruits such as oranges, kiwis, and strawberries.
  • Folic acid is high in green vegetables, whole grains, and beans.
  • You will find essential fatty acids from fish such as trout, salmon, and tuna. Essential fatty acids are also found in nuts and seeds( flaxseed).

Some other methods to treat brittleness of nails

  • You can definitely take care of your nails from inside by adopting a healthy balanced diet, but you should also consider some beauty tips to take care of them from outside.
  • Use a hand moisturizer when you wash your hand and take a bath. Rub it on your nails gently.
  • Avoid the use of nail polish removers that contain acetone because it may dry up your skin. Always use polish removers only once in a month.
  • Wear gloves while washing dishes. The dishwasher soap and hot water are the enemies of healthy nails.
  • Do not use your nails to open up a cane or dried up foods because your nails are not tools.
  • Limit your manicures to strengthen your brittle nails.

If these techniques do not work to strengthen your brittleness, then you must consult your doctor because it may lead to some disorders like anemia, cancer, or hyperthyroidism.