The impact of negative ions on the air we breathe

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From a more scientific view, three natural actions are working with the salt lamp crystals


The emission of the ions is caused by the alternating actions of heated salt ability to attract, absorb and then evaporate the water. the Himalayan salt makes a mixture with the water as it mixes with the water molecules. sodium as positively charged ions and chloride as the negatively charged particle are emitted into the environment thus killing the bacteria and allergens from the air and purify it. The pollutants allergens and the pollens are reduced from the air.

Electromagnetic oscillation:

All kinds of like on earth is possible due to the electromagnetic vibrations. due to the electronics and industrialization, our body receives artificial electromagnetic waves with a diverse frequency.

The neutral atomic structure of the salt crystals helps us to get a more harmonized and calm feeling by neutralizing the electro-smog.

Transparent crystalline structure:

 The transparent crystals of the salt developing the light waves .it is also said that you ned the light waves for a sound health. Energy is supplied to our cells by the light in the form of electromagnetic waves.

The wavelength of the salt crystals colours fall from upper nanometre zone producing soothing effects.

One of the biggest challenges with crystal salt lamps is their limited range. You can not place just a single piece of the lamp at a place in your house and expect to promote the purity in the does not work that way…but you can place a few lamps inside your house on the desired place  and you can get the following benefits:

Help neutralizing the electro-smog from the electronic devices where they are being kept

Enhance the beauty and serenity of the house with the decorative laps

There is nothing like a soft incandescent flicker of a candle. whether we delight in dining by a candle light dinner or savour their soothing warm glow by working or reading these candles have grace and beauty and provide a calm and soothing effect with a special type of candle holder with it.

Just like the lamps, the candles serve the same purpose of purifying the air from pollutants and electro- smog. They emit the negative ions in the air thus purifying it to make it healthy for breathing. their pink and orange hue give a soothing effect, enhancing our mood vibes. simply put two or three candles in the candle holder and lit them to get all the amazing benefits. negative ions will b released in the air and all the pollutants are removed. the more the candle burns, more will be the amount of ions and more cleaner will be the air with a refreshing odour.

 If you place the salt lamp or the candle at the right place you can get the maximum benefits and your sinus problems will be relieved. If you keep it in your room, you can have a safe and sound sleep. you can get relaxed and have a happy feeling when the lamps are lit in the living room and thus our family time is made a more quality time.

We can reduce our fatigue after a tiring day by putting a salt lamp in our bed room or can have a positive mood while working if one is kept on our study table.

Meditation practitioners are highly in favour of these salt lamps when used in conjunction with yoga. Anyone suffering from allergy gets benefit from the lamp by a clean and pure air for breathing.

Salt Mines and caves:

These natural deposits of halite are obtained by the evaporation of the lakes and seas. The unrefined salt includes varying concentrations of other minerals such as calcium magnesium iron oxide, which have many other therapeutic properties depending upon the source.

The special characteristics of the micro climate of the salt mine include stable temperature, humidity and lack of the air borne pollutants such as pollens dust particles etc.

 At the depth, the air pressure is high as compared to the ground which is beneficial for the sufferers of the respiratory disorders.

A record improvement in the breathing of the miners has been seen in the Roman and Medieval times. Dr Feliks  Boczkowski—a physician at a polis salt mine wrote in 1843, that the miners did not suffer from the lung diseases and his successor set up a spa  based upon these observations. Modern use of the alt therapy started in Germany when Dr Kalr Hermenn noticed improvements in the health of the patients after they hid in the Kulterthole carst cave to escape from the heavy bombing (Josef  Cap et al, 2007). It is now practised in places such as Bystrianska in Poland. Solotvyno in Ukraine and many other east European countries ( Iuri Simionca et al.2012)

Salt spa/ Asthma cure centre in Khewra mines has been established at the government level to cure  the asthmatic patients. The patients are asked to spend 100 hours in the salt cave assisted with electrification. 100 hours are divided in to many intervals, e.g. 8 hours a day. This therapy results in 100% cure of about 75% patients and remaining 25% are often advised to spend 100 more hours in the cave or at least they get recovered from the chronic stage of the asthma.


 Since one’s objective is to be exposed to as several negative ions as possible from the salt lamp, opt for one with biggest quantity of exposed salt surface and choose a colour with foremost intensity with hue. In addition, place the lamp near the person who want to attain the therapeutic effects of the lamp. Like all other various health  treatments, apply due diligence after you search as a result many of us are becoming on the salt lamp band wagon and not all of them are constructing theses with the protection of user in the mind.