When To See A Skin Specialist?

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Skin problem like Acne is so common that at least 85% of teens; 25% of all adult men and 50% of adult women face acne problems at least once in their lives. 

Due to this, there is an overwhelming number of commercial acne creams available in the market today. For some of us, acne just disappears as time goes on, but for some, acne can get severe than it ever was. The last thing anyone wants is to end up having acne scars which is a result of acne gone untreated! 

So, how do you know when to call a skin specialist to solve your acne? Here are 5 signs to make the call. Find Skin Specialists Near You

  • There’s A Sudden Onset of Acne For No Reason

Any sudden red bumps on the face, upper chest, back, or elsewhere, and you have never seen something of this type before; you should probably see your skin specialist. It can be different types of acne such as rosacea and folliculitis, which needs expert medical attention.

Follow a skincare regimen that suits your skin type. Wash your face once in the morning and once at night to avoid the accumulation of dirt and oil. Maintain proper skin hygiene. If you don’t see any improvements in your skin even after two weeks, consult a Dermatologist. Your acne may be the result of underlying health conditions. They do not simply disappear the next day; the cause of such acne needs to be rectified and treated. 

  • Acne Is Getting Worse Day-by-Day No Matter What You Do

Mild acne often disappears all by itself or with the help of an anti-acne cream. But in many cases, over-the-counter medications or home remedies don’t work or may worsen your conditions if used without proper guidance. Using the wrong acne products can leave permanent scars on your face. 

Skin conditions like acne refuse to vanish even after trying 100s of home remedies and commercially available medication. If you’ve tried many possibilities, but nothing worked, it’s time to visit a skin expert without a doubt. They have their means and methods which always prove to be safe and effective.

This is why it’s best to adopt Dermatologist-prescribed acne treatments to be on the safer side.

Skin specialists usually prescribe customized acne skin treatment that will give you guaranteed improvements. In addition, you get helpful advice on proper acne skincare, diet and lifestyle moderations. 

  • Acne Is Turning Inflammatory Forming Nodules or Becoming Cystic.

Moderate to severe acne with inflammations definitely need Dermatologist-given treatment else it can scar your skin permanently. Nodules and cysts are very extreme forms of breakouts and should always be promptly treated by a skin expert. They know the best! Do not waste time and money on products that won’t work for you.

Stubborn acne requires the expertise of a Skin Specialist to be resolved. 

“If you’re suffering from serious forms of acne like cystic acne, over-the-counter products will never be enough or safe,” says Dr. Jisha, Skin Specialist @CureSkin.

  • You Suspect That Your Medication Is Triggering Acne

Certain medications, such as steroids and birth control pills, can cause acne. If you are taking medicines that are triggering acne on your skin, let your Skin Specialist know about it. A Dermatologist has the expertise to deal with this cause of Acne.

Also, during your active acne days, try to avoid the urge to pick or pop nodular or cystic acne, as this can lead to scarring and cause permanent skin damage. 

  • You’re Getting Extremely Depressed About How You Look

Acne can affect your life, your self-esteem, your confidence and what not! You may start avoiding social gatherings because of your skin? Feel depressed about your appearance! For teens and young adults, recurring acne can be challenging to cope with, leading to anxiety and depression.

If your acne is adversely affecting your life, don’t wait! Consult a Dermatologist right away. Get a Dermatologist-given treatment that not only improves your skin but also helps you feel confident about your looks. With the right skin treatment, you will start seeing visible improvements in just a few short weeks.


To treat acne, you need to determine the actual cause of it. But, acne may prove to be tough for you to identify the actual cause behind it. This is where the guidance of a Skin Specialist is needed. Furthermore, being specialized in Dermatology – The science behind the skin, Dermatologists are almost always up to date with the latest treatments and their pros and cons. They are known to improve the skin’s appearance and bring out the best version of it.

Dermatologists diagnose and treat skin conditions like acne effectively. Acne can be successfully treated, however, it’s a matter of finding the Skin Specialist who suggests the right treatment for you. Do not hesitate to visit a Dermatologist when it’s about your skin.