Allergies In Children Can Be Treated By An ENT Specialist

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Singapore, highly regarded for its respected level of healthcare, has many key medical specs.

ENT Specialist

Aside from spending years in medical school, specialists of the ear, nose, and throat may continue their learning and earn a subspecialty. An example of this is pediatric conditions. ENT specialists that are certified in this area deal with common ailments affecting the ear, nose, and throat, like allergies, sinus concerns, and breathing or airway problems. They are also equipped to treat special ENT conditions in children, such as sleep apnoea, head and neck conditions, or delay in growth.

Allergies in children can be fatal, especially when the effects of the condition affect a child’s airway and cause breathing problems. If you see your child consistently rubbing his or her eyes and nose as well as frequent blocked or runny nose, these may be symptoms of an allergic reaction. When their health is already compromised due to these, their overall way of living will definitely be distressed also. Do not wait for the worst thing to happen, but be vigilant and immediately book an appointment with an ENT specialist who can very well attend to your child’s needs. You can come visit Dr Dennis Chua in his clinic.

Allergies can be prevented as long as there is proper diagnosis. A test used to diagnose an allergy condition is called the skin pricking test (SPT). This is a quick test that is completed in just half an hour.  A skin prick test (SPT) involves the use of a needle or pin that contains a tiny amount of allergen. The needle or pin is pricked on to the skin’s surface to see whether the individual is allergic to things like food, dust, pollen or dust mites. Some people may be intimidated by this test because of the use of needles, but patients can be assured that this procedure is painless.


Treatment and examination of defects regarding the eye or its surrounding structures come under the domain of ophthalmologists. Completely trained and schooled the diagnosis of, & in the relevant treatment methodology of eye disorders — ophthalmologists are the specialist eye physician of choice to seek advice from. Keep your ophthalmologist close if you would want to keep good vision ability, far into and through your older years.

One common eye condition which torments Singapore’s older generation is cataracts. Nearly every single individual will acquire cataracts. It is wholly an issue of time. When cataracts begin growing, your sense of vision starts being cloudy and sight deteriorates. The only permanent solution for cataracts, & that’ll include surgical intervention. There exist 2 main methodologies for cataract surgical procedures in Singapore, normal or bladeless. Judgement on whether a patient is suitable for a chosen procedure type should only be advised by veteran ophthalmologists.

Cataracts — the much dreaded ocular condition that may result in blinding you. The most commonplace eye surgery residents of Singapore will have to seek treatment for, with roughly 4 in 5 of residents will opt for this surgery in their lifetimes. Unintentional trauma and age can lead a deterioration in the lens of the eye, inciting proteins to breakdown and collect gradually. These deposits of tissue fog the lens and cause cloudy vision. Thanks to progress in medical science, cataracts are presently curable with modern surgery. Set an appointment a trusted eye doctor or ophthalmologist should you currently suffer blurred sight and increased sensitivity to light.

However, the leading reason for people to pay a visit to eye specialist is request help for severe retina conditions which need surgery. When faced with the option, most Singaporeans request for private sector ophthalmologists as they request the best ophthalmologist they can afford. Surgical procedures for central serous chorioretinopathy can result in an invoice of up to middling 5-figure amounts. Thankfully, these medical disorders are claimable under private hospitalization insurance.

Men’s Health Doctor

Men’s as well as female medical doctors serve a somewhat different needs as the usual General Practitioners we commonly see. Sexual health is a very specific industry and it needs a medical practitioner who’s experienced in the topic and the issues that are linked to sexual wellness to properly evaluate, and also to discreetly deal with the problems that are identified. Because of the sensitivity of the details of the examinations, the highest awareness is given to protecting anonymity, to provide patient privacy. 

HIV assessments are done by a physician using a HIV test kit. The testing process also require the drawing of the person’s blood sample. If you are lucky, you could possibly get your results inside 15 mins, saving you from facing the anxiety of needing to waiting period. Based on the screenings you opt for, you’ll possibly have paying around $200-400 to test oneself for each one of the essential typical encountered STDs. Of course, not every services or treatments will be ideal for all genders.

Typically, men are able to opt for testosterone therapy if they’re diagnosed with very low levels of the male hormone, testosterone, resulting from drug and/or steroid dependency, or old age. For males who have problems in erections, the doctor will ordinarily prescribe medication such as Viagra in order to solve the problem. With advancements in modern medicine, medical doctors today have sophisticated means for the erectile dysfunction treatment.