Cataract Surgery – What Should you Need to Know?

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Cataract Surgery

A cataract is a condition that affects the eyes and is characterized by the clouding of the eyes’ lens, resulting in vision obstruction. Any person can develop this condition, although it is most prevalent among adults that are well advanced in age. A cataract may be caused by several factors, such as aging, injury to the eyes, medicine intake, or as a result of certain medical conditions.

It may also occur in case you have been exposed to harmful materials, like toxic substances, radiation, or UV light. Children are also not exempt from getting this. Cataracts are considered a congenital condition as they can develop in children while they are still in the womb. Causes of cataracts in children include infection, trauma, or weak development in the womb. 

Cataract intervention is crucial during its early stage in order to manage its progress. Patients do not usually need surgery during the onset of the condition. Prescription eyeglasses are usually given to help improve the vision during the early stages of cataracts. 

However, if the condition worsens and affects your quality of life, then it is time to look into getting cataract surgery. If your vision becomes blurry and causes you to challenge to see things at night, see double, or make you sensitive to the sun’s glare, surgery will be of great help to improve your vision and overall quality of life. 

In Singapore, you can go for a consultation and have your condition assessed by an expert doctor. Cataract Surgery at Asia Retina can be reimbursed through Medisave and health insurance providers.


An Ophthalmologist is a medical doctor who specializes in treating conditions that plague the eye, and undertaking corrective surgical procedures. Ophthalmologists are able to perform a full range of eye care procedures, including checks for astigmatism, and additionally, are trained to perform a number of surgical procedures that effectively cure eye-related conditions, like AMD surgeries.

The certainty of having cataracts becomes more likely with increasing age. When cataracts happen, your vision gets clouded and sight is hindered. The permanent treatment for cataracts, & that’ll require cataract surgery. Here are two main surgical procedures for removing cataracts in Singapore: traditional or bladeless. Only a qualified ophthalmologist can give the best recommendations based on their assessment on the patient.

Research has proven approximately 8 in 10 Singaporeans will need to undergo cataract surgery. Most frequently, the cause of the formation of cataracts is old age, though injury or trauma to the lenses in the eye from other surgical treatments have also been known as source for the development of cataracts too. Left untreated, the clouded lens present symptoms like hazy or blurred vision, painful sensitivity to light and diplopia (commonly known as double vision). As of the moment, the only treatment proven effective to remove cataracts is through lens replacement cataracts surgery.

Nowadays, the main reason for patients to pay a visit to an eye specialist is due to retina conditions that can only be treated via surgical procedures. When considering options, most Singaporeans choose specialist doctors operating from a privately owned medical clinics as they look for the best specialist they can afford. Surgical procedures for epiretinal membranes can be hefty; upwards of S$10,000. Before you start gawking at the hefty price tag, these are medical disorders that are covered under medical insurance.

Men’s and Sex Clinic

While it is commonplace when lots of folks might mistake males or female’s health medical practitioners to be GPS, it’s important to be in the know of — in that they do not treat emergency conditions, and only a far more specific types of disorders. These special medical professionals are ready to deal with a variety of personal conditions and even give a range of related checks along with assessments which many doctors cannot be well practiced with. Because of the sensitivity of the contents of the tests, the highest attention is given to maintaining discretion, to ensure patient privacy. 

HIV screenings are undertaken by a medical doctor through a HIV test kit. The examination process will also call for the drawing of the patient’s blood sample. Many trials are instant and can produce results immediately, some may have to be dispatched to a laboratory for further screening. HIV & STD tests are remarkably inexpensive in Lion City, Singapore, costs usually remain with several hundred dollars. Certainly, don’t assume all services are likely to be suitable for both genders.

For example, men are able to opt for testosterone substitution therapy in case they’re suffering from low levels of testosterone due to drug/steroid abuse, or old age. Products to induce an erection like Cialis are very commonly prescribed by male’s health doctors. With innovations in modern-day medicine, medical professionals of today have access to high-tech techniques for treating erectile dysfunction (ED). A good example of this is the application of ultrasound technological innovation in the treatment solution for erectile dysfunction.