Health Screenings You Can Get At A Singapore Women’s Clinic

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A lot of diseases that people have can be prevented only if they were detected early on. This is why getting your health screened regularly is highly recommended by doctors. Aside from the early detection of possible life-threatening diseases, health screenings can also improve the chances of getting well by allowing treatment to commence even before a condition arises or worsens. Women, in particular, should have regular check-ups with their local women’s health clinic to make sure their reproductive system is healthy. 

There are different screenings available at DB Clinic, a women’s health clinic in Singapore. These are the following:

  • General Women Health Screening – This screening involves a review of your medical history and other procedures that your doctor may require like a full-body physical exam, blood test, Electrocardiogram (ECG), urine test, and chest x-ray.
  • Fertility Screening – For women who are planning to conceive, a fertility screening is important to determine whether you and your partner are able to do so naturally. Factors like having problems relating to your menstrual cycle and other issues can affect your chances of being fertile, so this screening can help in ascertaining your condition and the right treatment to follow.
  • Breast Cancer Screening – According to the World Cancer Research Fund, breast cancer is the top 2 most common cancer worldwide. This is also the most common type of cancer that affects women in Singapore. Early detection of this disease increases the rate of a patient’s survival. Undergoing a breast cancer screening will help you do that.
  • Cervical Cancer Screening – This is the 9th common cancer prevalent among women in Singapore. To know whether you are at risk of developing this or not, you can get an HPV test together with Pap smear. 

Male Sexual Well being

Sexual conditions are not rare in association with men and have dangerous effect on their wellness of life. Amongst males, sex condition is a problem that combines three or more of sexual issues: poor sexual drive, sexual antipathy and loss of sex satisfaction and erectile dysfunction.  

Sex dysfunction is a clinical examination when sexually issues which are enduring. Whenever they provoke serious personal agony, not wholly transient shifts in sex behavior. In this post, let’s apply the term sexual issues to point out a series of sexual illnesses revealed by men that will reduce their sexual pleasure.

Intimacy is an essential component of livelihood. For numerous men, fantasizing about intercourse during pubescence, happen before puberty, and lasts until their final days

Sexual intercourse is just an alternate hormone driven personal behaviour developed to keep species. On another, it’s a fun moment. It’s also an act which assist tie the attachments amidst two people.

Sexual health describes a state of vindication that authorizes human beings perfectly participate in and appreciate sexual intercourse. A class of interpersonal affects man’s sexual well-being.

Optimum male sexual well-being contains sexual craving and ability to come by a boner. Though cytology can impact both need for intercourse and the capacity to engage intercourse, philosophy also portrays essential parts.

Male sex well-being not purely the drought of issues. Erectile dysfunction ED is also shortcoming to achieve an erection or to keep it long enough for pleasurable sexual activity. Diverse factors lead to erectile dysfunction ED, such as relationship issues and various other circumstances. Actually, it’s common an initial signal for heart problems. Erectile dysfunction ED can be remedied with pills. Males face difficulties linked to no ejaculation, or 

incapability to meet climax upon orgasm.

Male sexual wellbeing covers the prohibition and assessment of intercourse passed problems and the treatment of infertility.

Male sterility, a topic that is barely discussed. However, physicians see a growth in the total of male patients coming to sexual health medical centres to search for help recently. Docs note that various sexual health illness are being declared by males which were not widespread before, indicating increased consciousness relating male sexual wellbeing.

Different Men’s Sexual Well-Being Sicknesses

Researchers collected huge statistics of 1800 individuals who were consistently checked by a sexual medicine expert about 2006 to 2017. The researchers realised that 815 people were checked for E.D., 369 subjects were found for flexed shaft, 320 males had quick climax, 200 incurred little sexual lust and the others had other sexual conditions.

In this investigation, the searchers discovered that more males were assessed with E.D. and quick insemination. However, more recently males have been detected with poor sexual desire.

With productive cure options for erectile dysfunction like Cialis, men have been showing about other sexual issues as well.

Cap-Score: Standard For Fertility Quality

Male impotence is main basis behind the growing statistics of in-vitro fertilization matters around the world. Prior checks like semen examination, were conducted to figure out the peculiarity of sperm cell to inseminate. 

Nonetheless, resulting from the inadequate of an appropriate symptomatic assessment for assessing the impregnating strength of males, many of infertility events get ranked as 


In a famous research on innerwebs, searchers from few schools in Singapore set CS to check sperm capacitation.

This, a native procedure, shifts its build to be able to move into the woman’s ovum. The Cap Score CS identifies the chance of sperm cell which experiences capacitation in specific time. Usually, 33% of sperm cell could undergo this.

In this review, leading scientists took sperms from 281 patients and tested their capability to breed with assistance of traditional sperm examination. Between these testers, 143 pairs turned pregnant after 3 times of having sperm into a woman.

The scientists found which people with more CS will fertilize easily.