Stress Management: 5 Things You Can Do to Relax Your Mind, Body, and Soul

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Our culture has become one that glorifies being overbooked and overworked. People have been trained to think that going nonstop and living in a permanent state of exhaustion is customary and even a sign of success. As the story goes, the busier you are, the more successful you are. However, stress leads to a variety of physical and mental illnesses that can negatively impact every area of your life. Here are five things to relax your mind, body, and soul.

1. Spirituality


Many people find peace and serenity within their spirituality and connection to a higher power. For many throughout the Western world, that higher power is the Christian God. However, serenity is sought after and attained in all world religions. When you are experiencing frustrating levels of stress that interfere with your ability to enjoy life, turning to your spiritual guide may help you find understanding in a seemingly out-of-control situation. Many churches utilize an adult Sunday school curriculum to help lead faith formation classes and gatherings. You can inquire with churches in your area or churches you have attended to see what kind of curriculum they use or adult groups they host for those interested in delving deeper into their faith.

2. CBD oil


CBD oil has been shown to dramatically reduce stress and anxiety in people that use it regularly. Plain Jane carries a high-quality line of products made from hemp flowers, including Purekana CBD oils and tincture. The hemp flower has many components, including CBD and THC. THC is the active ingredient in marijuana and is known for providing a mind-altering experience. CBD provides calm and relaxation without the mind-altering effect making it safe to use by anyone at any time. You do not need to worry about driving, working, or operating machinery when using it.

3. Sex


Sex is a proven way to reduce stress. When you have sex, your brain releases a variety of chemicals and hormones like dopamine that’s known as the pleasure hormone because it relieves stress and makes you feel good. If you and your partner have gotten into a rut, sex may feel more like a chore than a stress reliever. Now’s the time to spice it up. Buy some sexy lingerie, massage oil, chocolate-covered strawberries, and reintroduce yourself to your partner. Sex is also a natural pain reliever and has been proven effective in decreasing symptoms of depression and anxiety. Having an active and healthy sex life is positive for a wide range of reasons.

4. Meditation


Meditation has been utilized in nearly every religion and culture throughout the world. It is the act of calming your mind and thoughts and allowing yourself to be open to yourself, your higher power, and the universe. You can learn to release all of your worries during meditation. You can quiet your thoughts and open yourself up to hearing the solution you need. There are many different forms of meditation, making it likely you will find a form that is comfortable and effective for you to practice. When you first start, you can listen to recorded meditations in the privacy of your home, or you can step out of your comfort zone and take a meditation class or join a meditation group.

5. Exercise


Exercise has been proven effective in managing stress for the same reasons sex and meditation are effective. When you exercise, your body releases a variety of hormones and chemicals that affect you in amazing ways. Additionally, many people find exercising as an effective form of meditation because it enables them to clear their minds and make room for new thoughts and ideas. When people get deeply into exercise, they can describe a feeling of “getting in the zone,” which brings them a sense of joy or exhilaration. You may also have heard of the term “runner’s high,” which resembles the feeling of being high due to the happy chemicals surging through your body.