Top 5 Ankle Compression Sleeves in 2020 [Ranked & Reviewed]

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Feet injuries are awful. Luckily, some of them are easy to treat. You don’t need surgery or a cast to deal with the injury. Instead, you can wear an ankle compression sleeve.  

Ankle Compression Sleeves

An ankle compression sleeve is a medical aid that helps to reduce the swollenness of feet, increase mobility, and help you to heal injuries faster. It’s used across the scale, as it can be used by sportsmen, recreational users, and regular, everyday people. 

You can wear it on all occasions, even while you are working out. It’s especially good for people in martial arts, that use feet for combat. Whether it’s kickboxing, karate, or BJJ, you can use it for any sport that puts a lot of pressure on feet.

Additionally, when you hurt your feet, you can wear it under your socks and go on with your day. It won’t stop your circulation or damage your feet, and it’s even made from breathable materials. 

It’s just a question where you are going to buy your sleeves.  

Buy Ankle Compression Sleeves 

Yet, the question remains – where should you buy ankle compression sleeves? 

Finding the right aid is hard. You have to think about materials, costs, durability, and comfort. And, even after a thorough online search, you’ll remain none the wiser when it comes to an actual feel of the sleeves. So, here’s something for you. 

Instead of reading dozens of reviews, here are the best five ankle compression sleeves you can buy: 

#1 Compression Ankle And Foot Sleeves By SB SOX

The absolute pick when it comes to compression ankle sleeves is the SB SOX sleeves. It’s available in nine colors and designs, and their main focus is arch support and pain relief. It’s made from an elastic fabric, that’s also anti-odor, and anti-bacteria, keeping your feet dry at all times. 

It’s FDA registered, recommended by doctors, and you can wear it under shoes and socks. The only problem with these sleeves is the size. But, make sure you give the company a call and ask for size. 

Other than that, you can rest assured that you have quality, sweat-free, sleeves that are going to elevate the pain and help you overcome pain. 

#2 Ankle Support Sleeves By Crucial Compression

Crucial Compression ankle support sleeves are the next great product. It comes in three sizes. And, it helps you to reduce inflammation, swelling, and discomfort. The usual mash of Crucial Compression sleeves consists of nylon, rubber, and a spandex blend. 

This makes them lightweight, breathable, and dry throughout the day. Also, this blend is great for hard workouts, when you need to reduce the stress on the feet, but also keep the fit dry for longer periods. 

It gives targeted ankle and arch support. And, the sleeves won’t lose compression even after a few months. However, some users claim they aren’t as comfortable as other compression sleeves. 

#3 Ankle Compression Sleeves By Vive

Vive ankle compression sleeves are made from a bamboo charcoal blend with anti-microbial fibers. The blend provides gentle compression and flexible support, protecting you from injury. Another thing that Vive ankle compression sleeves have is temperature regulation. 

This feature keeps you cool and sweat-free for a duration of the workout, or while you are wearing them. Also, it regulates the temperature so when you are in a cold environment, the sleeves are getting warmer, and it also applies in the warm environment. 

They are suitable for almost all footwear. Their only drawback is that people with slightly larger ankles can’t wear them. Check the sizing before the purchase. 

#4 Ankle Support Sleeves by PowerLix

PowerLix ankle support sleeves are another great product. They are made from a variety of materials and come in different sizes. They provide flexible support for the arch, and the blend provides temperature regulation. 

The sleeves allow you to workout or recover from an injury at an amazing pace. When you wear PowerLix ankle support sleeves you can workout at the gym, knowing your feet remain sweat-free and bacteria-free. 

The only problem with the PowerLix is the size. People with bigger ankles won’t be able to wear them. Also, they may be some issues when you are wearing them with your footwear. 

#5 Ankle Compression Sleeves by TechWare Pro

Finally, there are TechWare Pro ankle compression sleeves. This is a great product for people working out, and those in recovery. The sleeves are made of a fine blend that keeps your feet dry and sweat-free. 

When you wear them, you gain an extra arch and feet support. The TechWare Pro gives you a superior sense of tightness, keeping your feet strong and ready for a workout. Also, they are great for treating medical issues such as tendonitis and joint pain. 

The main issue with them is that they may feel too crude for some users. This may be an issue when you are purchasing them for the first time. So, make sure you see them in-store or check them out physically before you buy them. 

Find Your Perfect Fit

If you want to be 100% sure that you are getting a superior product, you should go for SB SOX ankle compression sleeves. Their materials, as well as the features, are simply the best. 

Yet, you should do your research. While the SB SOX model is rather amazing, you should look for something that works just for you. Then, you’ll have serious performance.