Should You Rinse Your Hair with Hot or Cold Water?

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There are two types of people: one who maintains his or her hair’s healthy condition and the other one who doesn’t mind. Still, most people who take good care of their precious locks only focus on purchasing and using effective hair growth products for their mane. They often neglect the importance of rinsing your hair with water at the right temperature.

Cleansing your hair with water and a hair growth shampoo is an essential step in your hair care regimen. It thoroughly removes grease and dirt build-up on your scalp, making your pate feel fresh and clean. Yet, it’s also essential to control the water’s temperature because it can influence hair growth and affect your hair’s quality.

Should you rinse your hair with hot or cold water? Learn more about the hair growth pros and cons of using hot and cold water in your daily bath.

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The Clash Between Hot Water and Cold Water

Taking a hot shower feels more revitalizing to the body, especially during cold mornings. It helps you relax your muscles and open up your skin and scalp’s pores. Removing the oil and dirt will also keep your pores from being clogged, thus prevent bacterial and fungal accumulation. Washing your hair with hot water makes it easier for your hair growth shampoo to get its job done.

Yet, hot water can also be harmful to your hair. It opens your hair cuticles and strips your hair’s natural oils, leaving it dry, rough, and frizzy. If the water’s temperature is too hot, it can also burn your scalp and cause scarring. As a result, new hair strands may not be able to grow anymore in the affected area.

Meanwhile, there are also times when we’re in the mood for bathing in cold water. It also refreshes our body when the weather is sweltering and sunny. However, cleansing your hair with cold water does the opposite. It closes your scalp’s pores to prevent dirt and sebum invasion and locks in the hair product’s nutrients for hair growth. Using cold water is also an effective way to seal your hair’s moisture, keeping it soft and hydrated throughout the day. 

Despite being a suitable moisture sealant, it also has a downside, especially for those who long for thicker hair. Overexposure to cold water can trap excessive moisture on your strands, making your hair look flatter. Thus, it’s also important to limit your cold shower sessions for the sake of your tresses.

Which Should You Use To Wash Your Hair?

Both hot and cold water has benefits and drawbacks for hair growth. Therefore, it would be best to wash your hair with hot and cold water. Start by wetting your hair with lukewarm water. It will open your pores, making it easier for your shampoo to decongest grime and oil accumulation. Rinse off the shampoo’s lather first before applying a hair growth conditioner. This step is also crucial to make up for your hair’s lost moisture. Lastly, do not forget to cleanse the conditioning cream with cold water. Closing your pores and cuticles will secure the nutrients and keep enough moisture, resulting in shinier and frizz-free tresses.

Washing Your Hair: A Vital Step Towards Healthy Hair Growth

Rinsing your locks with hot and cold water is a crucial step that can affect hair growth. However, it isn’t enough to keep your locks in its best condition. You must also be meticulous in choosing the hair growth products that you apply to your hair. And of course, never skip using shampoos and conditioners during bath time, for they are essential to achieve healthy hair growth.