Best Way to Take Kratom for Pain Relief

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Kratom is a natural herb known to relieve physical, psychological, and physiological pain effectively. Physical pain is due to injuries like fractures, whereas physiological is due to existing body conditions. Kratom is better than opioids in pain management. It also reduces the chances of opium dependence. Visit this website for more detailed information on kratom. For kratom to control pain, it may be taken in different forms depending on the pain intensity.

Ways to Take Kratom For Pain

The following are some of the best ways in which Kratom may be taken for pain relief.

In the Form of Capsules or Pills

It is one of the best ways that allow for easy swallowing. The capsule is coated, preventing Kratom’s awful taste from being left in the mouth. The coat also prevents the drug from being broken down by the stomach’s acidic content, hence ensuring sufficient amounts entering the circulation. It is also taken for mild to moderate pain since each capsule has around 0.5 grams; hence, many pills will have to be consumed to acquire the desired effect.

Placing it under the Tongue

It involves placing the dosage used under the tongue despite the sour taste of Kratom. By so doing, it allows the drug to diffuse through the small blood vessels under the tongue. Hence, it allows Kratom to get directly in the circulation, avoiding the amount of drug lost during enterohepatic circulation. It allows a sufficient amount of Kratom available to the receptors. This method is mainly used in chronic pain cases, and pain is alleviated in less than three minutes. 

Toss and Wash Method

It involves putting the right dosage in the mouth, taking some water, chugging it, and washing it out. It allows some amount to enter directly into the circulation. Hence, relieving pain after a short period. 

Mixing Kratom Powder with a Drink

It involves mixing the powder with orange juice to allow for easy swallowing and avoid the horrible taste. It ensures one does not feel nauseated while consuming it and prevents vomiting. Thus, allowing a sufficient amount to relieve pain. 

One can also make kratom tea where lemon and honey are added. Lemon is used to maintain the kratom alkaloids while honey is used to make the tea sweet. It, therefore, allows one to take Kratom easily.

Chewing the Leaves 

It is mainly used when the pain is chronic and immediate relief is required. It involves directly chewing of kratom leaves in the mouth. The juice extracted during the chewing process is the one that causes immediate pain relief since some diffuse directly into the bloodstream, and some are swallowed and absorbed along the gut. This causes immediate pain relief and is not pleasant due to the taste of Kratom.

Gum or tablet form of Kratom

Advanced companies can process Kratom in the form of chewing gums. Sweeteners are added to it to enhance some sweet taste. Thus Kratom is released in the process. This ensures that it is easily made available to the body hence able to relieve mild pain. Tablets are just swallowed like capsules, and they as well avoid the taste of Kratom.

Adding Kratom to Food

Kratom does not always go well with any food provided, depending on an individual’s taste and preferences. Thus it’s encouraged to add Kratom to a variety of foods to determine one that suits you best. It ensures that one takes Kratom with the food that one is more comfortable with. 

In summary, to make Kratom more effective, one must take an adequate amount of water to hydrate the body since Kratom causes dehydration. Of all the above ways, chewing the leaves and placing the drug under the tongue are the best pain relief methods.