Can Nose Fillers Make your Nose Smaller? The Non-Surgical Nose Jobs Explained

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Getting nose filler is probably your best bet for improving the shape of your nose and not worry about intense pain and even scars. This procedure involves the use of filler products to modify the shape of your nose.

In the several procedures we’ve completed at, one of the major concerns that have mostly, troubled clients is whether the nose fillers will make their noses bigger. The concern is relatable, considering that this procedure works by adding volume to the nose.

Now, the nose fillers will actually make your nose ‘look smaller.’ Here is a more straightforward explanation of what is involved in a rhinoplasty procedure.

If you have a small bump on your nose, it will cause a distraction making people’ think’ that your nose is bigger when they’re, looking at you. Nose filler reverses this ‘perception’ by smoothing the bump so people will not notice the nose. Even better, your nose will fit perfectly well with the rest of your face.

Quick Facts to Know about Nose Fillers

If you plan to undergo this non-surgical procedure, then this post was created specifically for you. In this guide, we dive deep into the critical aspects you should know about this non-surgical nose job.

  • Nose Fillers is Your Best Bet if you don’t Fancy Surgeries or a Hospital Stay

With rhinoplasty, you will not need any incisions. Instead, you will only require a few and very fine needle injections, so a hospital stay will definitely be out of the cards. Besides, since no incisions are involved, you will not be left with any unpleasant scars on your nose. It is ideal for both men and women.

  • Rhinoplasty Isn’t Painful

Since your dermatologist will use a very fine needle to administer this procedure, you will barely feel any pain. Perhaps it may feel like a small ant bite.

We, however, acknowledge that people have different pain thresholds, so if your pain threshold is slightly high, your dermatologist will use a topical anesthetic to numb the target area, so you feel more comfortable during the procedure.

  • Nose Filler Products are Mainly Made of Hyaluronic Acid

Most of the aesthetic clinics in Singapore use hyaluronic acid as the filler product when administering this procedure. Hyaluronic acid is primarily preferred because of the consistency these doctors have observed when using it over the years.

They’re also mostly preferred because the human body produces hyaluronic acid naturally. Therefore, the probability of you getting awkward allergic reactions after the procedure is very slim.

  • Nose Filler Procedure is one of the Quickest Aesthetic Procedures

Most patients prefer rhinoplasty because of the convenience that’s attached to it. To begin with, you may need just 30 minutes, and you’re done.

However, this may change to around one hour if you want the dermatologist to treat several areas. Since nose fillers do not require downtime, you can have it done over short breaks and resume your daily routine almost immediately without anyone noticing. 

If you get possible side effects such as small bruising or redness, which are also rare, foundation will be enough to cover it. The side effects usually resolve in less than one week.

  • You May Also Combine Your Nose Job with Other Nose Lift Procedures

If you were worried about combining nose fillers with other nose lifting procedures, the good news is that you can mix it with other procedures. From past procedures in our medical aesthetic clinic in Singapore, we noted that it is possible to safely combine nose filler with other minimally invasive and safe non-surgical facial procedures.  Perfect examples include; PDO thread lifts and Botulinum Toxin. Rhinoplasty combines well with these procedures to give you a more defined and aesthetically appealing facial look.

Are Nose Fillers Permanent?

Another notable convenience that you’ll enjoy with a nose filler procedure is that this procedure is temporary. Rhinoplasty typically lasts for around three to nine months, so this will be beneficial if you don’t want a permanent facial job.

The period that the fillers will be active in your skin may be influenced by your system and how you take care of your body. For instance, if you tend to sleep on your stomach with your face tucked into the pillow or use deep-cleansing facials, your fillers may not last that long.

To avoid such mishaps, your aesthetic doctor in Singapore will give you actionable tips to follow. It’s prudent that you follow the guidelines to the letter to get the most benefit from rhinoplasty.

Take Away

Rhinoplasty is a popular procedure, with over 220 000 people getting nose jobs each year. However, if you are looking for the best place to get nose fillers, Singapore should undoubtedly be on the top of your list.

Before doing any procedure, we take time to understand each patient’s needs, so we can create the perfect shape they want with this aesthetic procedure. Book your appointment with us for a quick walkthrough of what you’ll expect during the procedure and to book your nose job as well.