How Does Iontophoresis Work?

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An effective, high yielding medical procedure has advanced in the market to cure you of the excessive sweat and public embarrassment that drags along. This process is called iontophoresis. Iontophoresis is performed using electrical machines and among them, Dermadry is highly recommended because of its performance and yielding result capacities. This process indulges in providing a shock treatment at a very mild degree to the transpiring body parts while they are in contact with water. Using this method, the sweating glands in your concerned body parts are temporarily resisted.

Many people are anxious about the shock instinct but the electric current is so gentle and lenient that you can barely feel them acting upon your body. The phenomena of excessive sweat is known as hyperhidrosis and can be caused due to several reasons.

 What Are The Possible Signs Of Excessive Sweat?

·        Exercises

·        Physical Or Emotional Stress

·        Medical reasons like hormonal imbalance due to Thyroid or Menstruation

·        No reason at all

·        Withdrawal from alcohol or drug intake

Reasons are plenty and sometimes cannot be traced but to all these, iontophoresis is rapidly becoming a viable solution. This process does not involve any surgical method. It is highly productive and even cost effective.

How Does Iontophoresis Work?

This is a fairly simple method and can be performed at home with enough preparation. Mostly, this procedure is performed at a medical chamber under the assistance of a doctor. Your armpit or hand or foot or any part that shows signs of excess sweat is submerged in water first and then the machine is run. Its current is gradually increased and you may feel little sensations on the body.

The rate of your iontophoresis system depends on how much you need. This will be told by your doctor. Usually, one iontophoresis session requires about 30 minutes. You are strictly prohibited from performing this if you are –

·        Pregnant

·        Weak heart condition

·        Convulsion syndrome

·        Metal implants on the body like pacemaker

It is advisable to consult a doctor for alternative solutions for excessive perspiration treatment. If you are in the process of sweat treatment, you have to be regular with your iontophoresis treatment. The potency of this treatment will be set by your doctor. Bonus point is once you have attended a few sessions at a medical chamber, you can learn to do it at home using machines. Dermadry is one such machine that you can use for convenience.

Any Possible Side Effects

This method is very safe and hardly bears any side effects. When they do, they are mostly mild and harmless. Dry skin is a persistent side effect but sometimes you may experience skin itching or blisters. You are advised to use mild creams and moisturizers on the irritated skin to smoothen the surface. Sometimes, doctors recommend medicated skin cream to provide relief.

Is Iontophoresis Useful?

It is usually a useful process as it yields full results, mostly. After a few appointments, your sessions begin to lessen. This means you are healing and can be reduced to performing this once per week.

Do a little research about the procedure and if it suits you, do not back out. It is a cost-effective procedure. Driveaway your sweat and live a stress-free life!