How to Choose the Best Breastfeeding Supplements

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Breast milk is the best source of food for the babies without a doubt. Feeding exclusively for 6 months is recommended by renowned organizations like W.H.O, as the mother’s milk is equipped with everything a child needs at any given stage of his life. Mostly mothers are fully capable of nursing their baby exclusively for 6 months and even after that, in fact the ideal age is till 2. Mothers by nature worry a lot about how much milk they’re producing to ensure that the child is being well fed and nourished. Unfortunately, there’s no way to see how much milk a baby has taken in as the breasts are not transparent like bottles, so a speck of doubt always prevails in the mother’s mind.

Moms who have a balanced diet, keep themselves hydrated, sleep well, feed on demand and pump milk often maintain a healthy flow of milk without any supplements. But other moms who work, have a premature child or have any medical issues, don’t feed on demand, face latching problems or have a tongue-tied baby can suffer from a low supply of milk. For those mothers, best supplements for lactation are foods, herbs, drinks and medication that can increase milk supply considerably. Any new mom who is in search of some good lactation supplements will find this article very useful so stay tuned.

Being a mother is a tough job and to breastfeed your baby makes the job ten times more demanding and draining. On top of that, scouring the internet for best supplements for lactation can be daunting, so look no further, this is the ultimate guide. As milk boosting supplements aren’t only supposed to do the job, they also have to be safe, effective and quick.

How do Supplements Work?

Milk supply booster works as they are packed with galactagogues, a very well-known term in the world of lactation supplements. Foods, drinks and herbs that help increase the milk supply of a breastfeeding mother are called galactagogues. Lactation supplements have a high concentration of these galactagogues which when taken regularly can help to increase milk supply quite significantly.

When is the Right Time to start these Supplements?

As I told earlier mothers tend to worry a lot about their milk production especially right after birth. Give at least 5 days before even considering any lactation supplement, as it takes some time for the mature milk to come down and if you had a C-section then it might take even longer. Another great pointer for ensuring that your supply of milk is good is baby’s weight gain on monthly bases and the frequency of his/her poops and pees on daily bases. But in general, try refraining from taking supplements right after birth and without consulting your lactation expert.

Things to Consider before Selecting any Lactation Supplement

There are many things that must be taken into account before zeroing on one supplement. Although every mother is different and might have different needs this is a general guideline, I will strongly recommend consulting a lactation expert before starting any milk supply booster.

● No artificial components, colors, sugars or fillers should be added

● Select an organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, alcohol-free and clinically tested supplement

● Allergen free supplements

●fast absorbing

●Environmentally friendly

● made with high production standards

● has a good combination of beneficial and effective herbs

● contains medicinal grade herbs


●see if the blend of herbs works for you, you don’t have any sensitivity towards fenugreek.

Things that should be avoided at all Costs in Lactation Supplements

Added sugars

●artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors

● Essential oils

● Cannabidiol (CBD)

● Heavy metals

● GMOs

Herbs that help Increase Milk supply

There are many herbs that have maintained a good reputation in boosting milk supply for centuries. Although a direct connection between these galactagogues and milk supply hasn’t been constructed or proven by science, still many mothers swear by them. Some of these herbs are prominent ingredients of the best supplements for lactation.

Fenugreek is the most common and well-known herb used as a milk supply booster. To increase milk supply around 5400-7300 mg can be used in a day. The most familiar side effect of this herb is a maple like smell oozing from sweat, urine and breast milk. Blessed thistle is often paired with fenugreek in order to maximize the performance of both. Fennel seeds are another celebrated galactagogue; it helps the milk supply by improving let down effect. Goat’s Rue is native to fenugreek but without the reeking smell of maple. Stinging Nettle herb leaves are used in lactation supplements and it works wonders for increasing milk supply. Other herbs like Anise seeds, Moringa, Alfalfa, Marshmallow root, Milk thistle and Shatavari are frequently used in lactation supplements to increase milk supply.

How to Narrow Down a Lactation Supplement?

The choice boils down to two options in the end, whether to choose a lactation supplement that has one herb as the main ingredient or a supplement that has a combination of various herbs mentioned above. Both options come with their own set of pros and cons. If you go for a single-ingredient-herb supplement then it will be clear if that herb works for you or not, but on the other hand you’ll have to try a ton of supplements before you find the one that works for you. Whereas if you go for a multi herb supplement, the chances are more likely that your milk production will boost instantly but if you happen to have a side effect from the supplement than it would be difficult to separate the herb causing it.

The Best Lactation Supplements

 ● Milky Maiden

 ● Dairy Dutchess

 ● Milk Goddess

 ● Pink Stork

 ● Pure Mom

 ● Organic Moringa

 ● Pump it up

 ● Lactiful Supply Max

Bottom Line

Lactation supplements are a great way to increase milk supply through natural herbs. With many well-reputed companies like Milky Mama making quality lactation supplements, it is easier and safer than ever to take them.