Cheek Fillers, Singapore: Are they worth it? Know the Benefits, Risks, and More

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It is beyond our capability to stop ourselves from growing old. However, there are a few things we can always do to reverse the signs of aging. Getting cheek fillers in Singapore is one of the practical ways we can take some years off our looks.

They’re specially formulated to add volume to our cheeks, thus removing the appearances of folds and wrinkles so we can look younger again. They can also add definition to our cheeks, making them more prominent and aesthetically appealing.

Are they worth it, though? That’s what this piece is all about. After reading this quick guide, you will know the benefits of cheek fillers, how much filler you should get in your cheeks, the risks, and more.

Benefits of Cheek Fillers

Cheek fillers are not a new thing. Most dermal filler products are formulated with Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a naturally occurring compound in our skin, which best explains why they’re primarily common.

Dermal fillers gradually get broken down in your system meaning that you will not have to stay with them in your cheeks for the rest of your life. This may be beneficial if, for any reason, you want your skin to get back to how it looked before your treatment.

Besides, the risks of complications are very rare, and if you run into one like the fillers moving to a different place instead of settling in your cheeks, you can always get them dissolved. Here are a few more reasons why you may need to consider cheek fillers;

  • They’re mostly affordable for many people than surgeries
  • It is quick. You may need just 20 minutes, and you’ll be done; even better results also often appear almost immediately
  • No downtime involved. Ideally, you will not need to take time off school or work for recovery

How much Filler should I get in my Cheeks?

Several things may influence the amount of filler you’ll need to get in your cheeks. Most notably, the type of enhancement you need in your cheeks is a major determining factor, and your age may also be considered.

For instance, we naturally begin losing around 1cc of facial volume each year in our mid-30s. Therefore, if you’re already 40 years old, looking for a full restoration on your cheeks, you can benefit from around four filler syringes.

If you’re 50 years plus, you can benefit from five dermal filler injections on your cheeks. Other than your age, another important factor that may influence the number of fillers you can get in your cheeks is your lifestyle.

For instance, if you smoke or spend most of your time in the sun, you’d need more fillers in your cheeks when compared to another person your age who doesn’t smoke or don’t spend most of their time in the sun. Therefore, there isn’t a specific treatment of filler amount that works for everybody. As a basic rule of thumb, it is prudent that you get personalized recommendations customized just for you to ensure that you don’t get too much filler in your cheeks.

What does too much Cheek Filler look like?

When it comes to cheek filler treatments, you basically don’t need a huge dermal filler volume to restore your cheek plumpness and lift your face. Too much filler on your cheeks or an overdone cheek filler treatment may cause what’s known as; the ‘pillow face with sunset eyes.’

In this case, the excessive cheek fillers may obliterate your natural lid-cheek junction, leaving you with a continuous swollen face extending from your lower eyelids to the mid-face, therefore, looking like a pillow. Your eyes would also appear smaller, squashed together with the shape of the setting sun.

The risk of getting too much cheek filler on your cheeks and ending up with a pillow face and sunset eyes may be high depending on the aesthetic surgeon who will be helping you with this treatment. Therefore, it is recommendable that you do enough due diligence when looking for an aesthetic surgeon for cheek fillers in Singapore.

Importantly, you will need an experienced doctor who can know when to stop. A relatively more straightforward way of determining this is checking the number of years in practice, their qualification, and the number of procedures they perform each year.

Am I an Ideal Candidate for Cheek Fillers in Singapore?

Even though cheek fillers may sound so appealing, there are instances when your aesthetic doctor may not recommend them for you. Ideally, you should expect to be approved for these treatments if you don’t smoke and have no history of chronic ill-health conditions.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), you may not be considered an ideal candidate for cheek fillers in Singapore if;

  • You’re currently pregnant or a breastfeeding mother
  • You have any bleeding disorder, and if
  • You develop allergic reactions to the numbing agent, or any other synthetic compounds used in cheek fillers

Final Word

We customize and carefully select cheek filler treatments and ingredients to minimize possible risks and bring out the ultimate look you wish to have on your cheeks. If you’ve ever wished to have cheek filler injections, get in touch with us now to learn more about the treatment, and even better schedule treatment if you’re an ideal candidate.