Five Diet Trends We Should All Forget About

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There may have been a number of times when you may have tried a diet and failed to keep up. You simply ended up binge eating by the end of the diet and felt guilty while doing so. This is why we found it important to write this article for you!

More often than not, when we are unable to stick to a particular diet, it is not necessarily due to our willpower or appetite. It can also be attributed to the design and concept of the diet itself. Some diets are simply unrealistic and crash the body. Depending on your DNA, trends like crash diets can really take a toll on you. Visit myDNA to learn more about your body, and use that information to find the right diet plan for you. Now, let us look at the five diet trends that we should all forget about.

  1. Crash Diet

We may all be aware of the crash diet by now! It is one of the most damaging diets not only for your body but also for your mental health. You do not need to abstain from food in order to achieve your weight goals. You can go for the moderate route. So, steer clear away from a crash diet!

  1. Juice Fast

Another diet along the lines of the crash diet is the juice fast! In this, the only form of food intake is liquid. Hence, vegetables, fruits, proteins, and nuts are juiced and taken throughout the day. During this diet, no solid foods are taken by the individual. As you can imagine, nauseous and dizzy are right up on the list of side effects of this diet!

  1. Whole30

As the name suggests, this diet includes only whole foods and avoids a plethora of other food items. Some food items that are excluded from this list are dairy, legumes, grains, and sugar. While this is designed for 30 days, it is not a sustainable diet even for those 30 days. By excluding a host of food groups, we eliminate many items with nutritional value and hence causing disruptions in your body.

  1. Fat-Free

A diet wherein you avoid any item with connotations of ‘fat’ in it is a fat-free diet. This is outdated and harmful for your body because it excludes many healthy fats for your body and hence leads to energy deprivation. So, next time you see anything labeled as ‘fat-free’, avoid purchasing it.

  1. Gluten-Free

Unless you are allergic to gluten, having a gluten-free diet is not advisable. You need gluten as a source of fiber and iron for your body. Otherwise, the next thing you are going to be experiencing is lethargy and weakness.

Now that you know the diet trends that you can pencil off from your list, you may be wondering what should you stick to?

The essential factor is to adhere to a diet plan that is moderate and suited to your body’s needs. For this purpose, the best guide for you would be a nutrition expert. Any diet that you decide to follow must be customized for your body instead of a generalized plan. This will help you achieve your body goals without compromising on any other function. Moreover, since it is customized, you can choose your own pace for your diet, making it realistic to stick to the diet.

Thus, these were the five diet trends that you should forget all about. Now, ditch those trending crash diets and opt for a diet plan that is attuned to your body.