6 Ways to Improve Memory

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It can be difficult to remember everything that you need to, at all times. Even people with excellent memories will forget things from time to time, depending on what is happening in their daily life. If your memory is important to you and you want to keep yours sharp, here’s a list of things you can do to improve your memory. 

  1. Get some sleep. Getting the proper amount of sleep is a necessary part of preserving your memory. You will need to allow your body and mind to rest properly, so you are able to remember things and make good decisions. Most systems present in your body work better when you are getting enough sleep. You should shoot for about 7 hours a night. Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to sleep before you have to get up. Otherwise, you could be setting yourself up to experience sleep deprivation. 
  2. Talk to a therapist. Another good course of action when it comes to taking care of your memory is talking to a therapist when you feel like you need to. This can help you in many ways. One is that a mental health professional will be able to talk to you about anything that is bothering you or affecting your memory. For instance, if you are worried or anxious about something that is causing you to be preoccupied, a therapist can help you work through it. Moreover, they may be able to offer advice on how to improve your memory. There are different therapies that can be utilized in order to help you remember what you need to remember. Refer to this article for information on one of these therapies. If you are already working with a therapist or suspect that you have symptoms related to a mental health issue, you should get the treatment that you need, especially if this issue is affecting your memory. An article published in 2011 suggests that therapy works better when your memory is intact. 
  3. Exercise. You should also consider exercising when you are working to make your memory better. This activity is not only good for your body, but it can also allow your mind time to work through problems. At times, when people are able to take a minute to get their thoughts together, they can work through problems that they were unable to figure out before. Going outside or to the gym in order to exercise could take you out of your routine enough to do this. Moreover, you can start small if you are not used to exercising. Just get moving for about 30 minutes a day, every other day, and you may notice a difference. You can also exercise your brain if this is something you want to do. There are brain game apps that you can download for your phone, which may be able to help you with your memory and concentration. These are worth looking into if you have the ability to do so and you are interested. In some cases, they might be free, and in others, you may have to pay a small fee. 
  4. Stay hydrated. Something that you may not be thinking about when you are having a hard time keeping your memory sharp is your liquid intake. However, staying hydrated is something that can help you remember things. If you have ever been dehydrated, you are probably aware of how it affects your thinking and slows you down. You should keep this from occurring when you can. Try to drink water whenever you are thirsty, and your body will let you know how much to intake each day. 
  5. Eat your fruits and vegetables. Eating a balanced diet is also something that is necessary. When you eat a decent number of fruits and vegetables, you can be sure that you are getting a mix of vitamins and minerals, which will likely be good for your brain and your memory. Be sure to pair healthy foods with lean meats and limit your sugar intake. 
  6. Have fun. You should always take some time for yourself to have fun. When you are taking the time to relax and unwind, this is beneficial for your overall health and may allow you to decompress enough to get your thoughts in order. Besides that, you may feel happy when you are doing something you like, which is also important. 


When you are concerned about your health, it is important to talk to a mental health professional if you need one. Additionally, you should focus on taking care of your overall health, including your sleeping habits, eating habits, and even how often you exercise. These are easy way to improve your memory, so you are able to count on it when you need to.

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