Four Benefits of Laser Treatment for Varicose Veins

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Venous diseases don’t go away and only get worse over time. When vein walls become weakened, the damage can’t be reversed. However, you can manage some of the issues. But, because varicose veins can cause constant discomfort, in addition to the unsightly look, you will want to consider having them removed. New treatments such as endovenous laser treatments are more effective and longer-lasting than traditional options. They are generally painless and can reduce the time it takes to recover from treatment. By being free of varicose veins again, you will enjoy the following benefits. But, make sure to work with a certified Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon when attempting a laser treatment for your skin condition.

Feel Great About your Look

Varicose veins are an unwanted sign of aging. Because of this condition, you may need to limit your choices of clothing and change your wardrobe to cover up. But, endovenous ablation treatment can help you find confidence in your look once again and can let you wear dresses and shorts without feeling self-conscious of your ugly veins. 

Eliminate Your Pain

Varicose veins can be quite painful and when left untreated, this pain can be ongoing and frustrating. Advanced symptoms of varicose veins may include throbbing, cramping, and burning in the lower legs, especially after standing for an extended period. Endovenous laser therapy can treat your varicose veins effectively and eliminate your pain. After the procedure, you will get back to a more comfortable life. The treatment can help eliminate the cause of the pain and improve the visible skin-deep symptoms. Learn more here

Increase your Mobility

Prolonged sitting or stationary standing can lead to leaky veins, increasing pressure on the vessel walls and causing them to stretch and dilate. The increased pressure within the veins pushes fluid out into the surrounding tissue and skin, causing swelling in the lower leg. This can reduce your mobility. Laser treatment for varicose veins can minimize the symptoms that interfere with your mobility. With this minimally invasive procedure, you will no longer experience the swelling that comes with having varicose veins, letting you enjoy increased mobility. 

Get a Better Sleep

The pain associated with varicose veins can leave you with sleepless nights. Having it removed effectively will let you enjoy better sleep again. A life without varicose veins will let you sleep through the night and stay healthy. 

Vein therapy provided by board-certified vascular experts includes more than just physical and visual relief. These experts will control venous disease since it cannot be cured. They can close damaged veins and reroute blood to healthier veins. They can spot your venous issues and recommend the right combination of treatments to manage your symptoms and prevent further damage.