10 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes in Personal Injury

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Personal injury cases are a common occurrence in many countries. In simple terms, personal injury is a lawsuit that is applied on people who have been responsible for harm that has been caused to others. There are many reasons for which you can get sued for personal injury.

This is a slightly complicated procedure and the way you go about it can have a positive or negative effect on the outcome of your case. There are some common mistakes that are often made when it comes to personal injury lawsuits. TheLaw Advisory may be able to guide you in the best way.

Involvement of the Police

A very normal mistake that citizens will often make is not notifying the police. In cases that involve any criminal offences, the first thing to do is let the police know. Regardless of whatever issues you have with the police, not involving them can lead to hindrances in the legal procedure.

This is because the police report has a very significant role to play when it comes to personal injury cases. The step-by-step occurrence of the events that took place need to be on record for your case to be legitimate.

The Doctor

Much like a police report, a doctor’s report is also quite important. It is especially necessary in cases where a human being has been severely injured. The doctor will make a proper note of the harm that has been caused to you in any way.

Even if you think that the injuries aren’t much significant and do not require a doctor to be involved, go anyway. This for the same reason you need a police report. A doctor’s report can be solid evidence for what happened to you.

It will cause the case to shift in your favor if the injuries you are talking about are accurate.

Ignoring the Doctor’s Orders

This is also a very common mistake that many people make. It will de-legitimize the case and make it less serious in the eyes of the law. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to seem brave for some reason.

However, taking doctors’ orders with a grain of salt is the best way to make your injuries less important in regards to all the recorded evidence. The argument of the defense will be that you may be faking it if you do not take the required measures.

Medical Records

It is very important that you keep all your medical records safely in one place. They will be required for future reference and if you store them in a shabby way, it becomes very easy for the insurance company to make you seem like a sham.

Recorded Statements

There are some precautions that you should take when you talk to an insurance company representative. Many of these people are paid to make your claim seem less important and lower the severe nature of the issue. This is why it is extremely important to talk cautiously and carefully when you are talking to any of these representatives.

Remember that you are under no obligation to provide them with a recorded statement. You can simply deny the option and move on with your statement. Any information that you are to give these people has to be as accurate as possible.

If you are unsure of any question regarding the events that took place, you can simply tell them that you do not remember.

Becoming a Signatory to Any Document Without Reading It First

Obviously, this rule applies to everyday life and to almost every circumstance, but it is especially important in the situation of personal injury claims. It is common for people to be troubled when a situation like this is concerned.

People are probably under trauma and might agree to solve anything and everything. Insurance companies might take advantage of this. You might want to get it over with and not be hassled, but you shouldn’t. It is imperative that you do not settle for less.

Copy of the Police Report

This mistake is not only commonly made but also the most dangerous one. It is very easy to alter police reports. It is imperative that you obtain a report as soon as it is made to make sure that no one hinders with it in any way. It can also help with looking over the details of what happened.

Furthermore, it will help keep you updated.

Social Media

Another mistake that has become very common in this growing age of technology is posting everything on various social media platforms. Social media is the last place to resort to when dealing with personal injury claims. It just makes your claim look informal and not as serious as it may actually be.

The information which is put online has become public information and nearly everyone will be able to access it, including the employees and lawyers of the insurance company. They will often find a way to misconstrue this information and present your claim as a complete sham.

Becoming Your Own Lawyer

If you are just any regular citizen of the state and you believe that you can present your own case and make legal decisions for yourself, you are very wrong. The nuances and intricacies that come with dealing a personal injury case are a lot.

This is only something that a lawyer can deal with. You should let a lawyer advise you. TheLaw Advisory is a good platform for you to ask questions like these. However, it is better if you just talk to a legal consultant.

Statute of Limitations

This one is simple to understand. It is important to make sure that all your insurance is thoroughly updated. Do not give the insurance company any structural reason to deny your claims. TheLaw Advisory will be able to guide you.


You have to keep in mind that personal injury claims are not a joke and if you treat them as such, you might not get what you so clearly deserve.