How Risky Is It if You Experience Chest Pain?

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Chest pain results because of so many issues. For instance, you might have overworked your chest muscles during workouts or received a blow to your chest. However, if the chest pain occurs and you are unaware of any strain or trauma to the chest, it can point to a significant condition. If you experience inconsistent dull pain, you should avoid acting ignorantly by using over-the-counter pain medication. Chest pain Port Saint Lucie specialists advise immediate checkups to avoid life-threatening complications. Therefore, you will learn why that chest pain you ignore can cost your life.

·         Blood Vessels in Your Heart

As you are aware, your heart is found in your chest area. If you experience chest pain, you might have a problem with the heart. One of the reasons you might experience chest pain is if the vessels supplying blood to the heart do not function as expected. The vessels can reduce in size because of cholesterol accumulation, meaning your heart will not get enough blood and oxygen. The chest pain in this instance will resonate in your shoulder, jaw, and arm. If you fail to get medical attention immediately or ignore the pain, you increase your chances of suffering from a heart attack.

·         Consistent Lack of Flow

The constriction of the vessels supplying blood and nutrients to the heart has far-reaching effects on your health. For instance, if the constriction continues for a long time without any professional medical notice, you run the risk of having the heart muscles dying. The resulting chest pain will be very alarming because you will experience a heart attack. You will feel as if your chest is crushing either your middle or left chest. 

·         The Heart Can Swell

The heart has muscles that are also susceptible to swelling. If your heart gets inflamed, you will have severe chest pain and difficulty breathing. The sac surrounding the heart can also swell because of an infection. If you have this infection, your chest pain will extend to the neck and the shoulders. That is why you should attend your wellness clinics every year so that the doctor can troubleshoot heart-related issues before they threaten your health.

·         Thickened Muscles

The muscles of the heart contract and expand to push blood and receive blood, respectively. If the ability of the muscles to work becomes affected because of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, you will have chest pains. The chest pains result because the heart has pressure to pump the same quantity of blood through the thickened and hardened muscles. In most cases, people with this condition faint and become lightheaded.

There are mild chest pains that do not point to something serious, and there is angina. Angina is the type of chest pain that shows you have a problem with your circulatory system. Therefore if you experience a crushing pain that radiates away from the chest, you should seek emergency medical care. At the TLC Medical Group, you will find cardiology and vein specialists who diagnose and treat angina. Why wait for the chest pain to cause your health further damage? Schedule your appointment today.