4 Key Reasons to Visit A Cardiologist- Dr. Olga Burzyantseva

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You likely schedule time out of your hectic schedule to see a healthcare provider for various concerns, ranging from allergy treatment to teeth cleaning. However, suppose you consider that about half of the adult population in the U.S. struggles with some form of cardiovascular illness. In that case, routine trips to the cardiologist should be one of your top priorities. To outline some of the benefits of routine cardiology care, Olga Burzyantseva MD would like to emphasize four reasons you need to make seeing the cardiologist precedence in your healthcare regimen. Check out this post to learn more.

1)      Cardiovascular Illness Is Quite Widespread

It is challenging to avoid alarming facts regarding your heart health. As previously stated, approximately half of all adults in the United States suffer from heart disease in some way. Even more alarming is that cardiovascular illness is the top cause of mortality in both women and men across the U.S., with one individual dying from heart illness every 36 seconds. These figures are alarming, emphasizing the need to see a cardiologist regularly.

2)      Numerous Heart-Related Fatalities Are Avoidable

Whereas the statistics mentioned above are eye-opening, the figures released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are what worry cardiologists the most:

  • No less than 200,000 fatalities from cardiovascular illness and stroke are avoidable annually
  • People below 65 years account for six out of every ten fatalities from cardiovascular illness or stroke
  • Blacks are twice more vulnerable to dying from avoidable strokes and cardiovascular diseases than whites 

As a cardiology expert, these figures alarm Dr. Burzyantseva; thus, she would like to do anything to reduce them. On the other hand, play your part today by visiting CHW Cares for a potentially life-saving cardiology visit, regardless of your race, gender, or age.

3)      Heart Disease Frequently Has No Early Warning Signals

One of the primary reasons most persons do not visit a cardiologist is that some types of cardiovascular illness have no apparent symptoms. For instance, one of the most prevalent heart concerns is hypertension. This disease is hugely asymptomatic; hence, it has garnered the nickname ‘silent killer.’ Sadly, the first significant adverse effect persons with hypertension might suffer is a stroke or heart attack.

Another common asymptomatic heart disease is coronary artery disease. Though some persons report symptoms of CAD, including chest discomfort, exhaustion, and difficulties breathing, others do not complain of adverse effects, even when their condition is extreme. By arranging for a cardiology visit with Dr. Burzyantseva, she can check for these and other concerns, which will help you avoid the worst-case scenario.

4)      Early Intervention Could Be Life-Saving

During your routine cardiology visits, you can access vital screening tools, including EKGs and ECGs, ultrasounds, and Holter monitors, to assist your specialist in accurately monitoring your cardiovascular wellness. If Dr. Burzyantseva discovers an issue during these regular screenings, they may intervene and take the appropriate steps to prevent a more significant cardiovascular concern. Nevertheless, if everything is fine, you may rest easy recognizing that your heart system is functioning normally.

The importance of having a professional oversee your heart health cannot be overstated. At CHW Cares, expert cardiologist Dr. Burzyantseva strongly urges you to optimize your cardiovascular health. Whether or not you experience any signs of heart concerns, schedule an initial cardiology visit by today by calling the office or request an appointment online right away.