Get Back on Track with Knee Arthroscopy Treatment

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As an athlete, twisting your knee may be one of your most challenging moments as you may develop a fear of never getting back to the tracks again. be optimistic because there is hope for you. There are meniscus tear West Chester treatment options to preserve your knee health and help you get back on track.

What should you know about a meniscus tear?

This type of injury occurs when your knee rotates or twists during physical activity. Each of your knees has two menisci that act as shock absorbers. Meniscus tears are most common when you twist your upper leg while your knee is in a bent position and your foot is planted. This injury may cause swelling and a lot of pain, your joints may stiffen, and it might be a challenge stretching your knees. You may be more at risk of meniscus tears as you get older, happening unexpectedly, for example when you are squatting.

What are the symptoms of a meniscus tear?

You may notice the following symptoms when you develop a torn meniscus. Though they vary for every individual but the common ones include:

·         Pain in your knee joint

·         Swelling and stiffness

·         Unable to fully bend your knee joints

·         Limping

After sustaining an injury, you may need to see a doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

What is the diagnosis for a meniscus tear?

Your doctor may have to evaluate your knee to confirm a correct diagnosis before recommending a proper treatment. The diagnosis may consist of some imaging tests, including:

·           X-ray

This test uses energy beams to give images of your internal structures to examine your knees.

·          Magnetic Resonance Imaging

This imaging procedure uses radio frequencies and a computer to give images of your internal structures and organs. The imaging can determine damages in your muscle and is the best for studying a meniscus tear.

·           Arthroscopy

Your doctor may use an arthroscope to study your knee. They may have to make minor cuts around your knees before inserting the device. This device will then transmit images of your knees to a screen. There may be cases when your doctor may insert surgical instruments to repair the tear or trim.

What is the treatment for a meniscus tear?

Your doctor may recommend a conservative treatment which consists of resting, using ice and medication to relieve your pain and allow the injury to recover. You may also have exercises that will help strengthen your muscles. You may also require surgery in certain situations of a meniscus tear. One common surgery for a meniscus tear is:

·         Knee arthroscopy

This procedure is minimally invasive and treats a meniscus tear. Your doctor may insert an arthroscope through small incisions and trim out the tear in the meniscus. Your doctor will then use sutures to hold the meniscus while your body recovers. You may need to have regular exercises to maintain the stability of your knees.

If you suspect you may have a meniscus tear, visit Beacon Orthopedics & Sports Medicine or request your appointment online.