Reasons You Should Undergo CoolSculpting For Stubborn Fat Removal

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Many patients complain about stubborn fat in specific areas of their bodies like thighs, arms, and belly. Although diet and exercise are the best ways to deal with stubborn fat, a patient may not always rely on these techniques, especially if they do not make consistent efforts to change. Fortunately, physicians recommend Pasadena cool sculpting to help patients eliminate stubborn fat cells.

The reason most patients prefer this procedure is its conservative nature. Your physician will not have to invade interior organs. Therefore, the recovery time is faster than other invasive procedures like liposuction.

CoolSculpting results usually appear after four to six months because your body needs to eliminate damaged and injured fat cells from your body before you can notice any change. You should expect at least 20% fat removal in a specific treatment area due to cryolipolysis.

What are the two types of fat in your body?

There are different types of fat inside your body. Understanding the fat composition in your body will help you develop an appropriate approach to fat removal and extreme results. The body contains two types of fat:

  • Subcutaneous fat

This type of fat has the most significant percentage in the body. Subcutaneous fat is directly under the skin. Patients usually have subcutaneous fat in their kegs, arms, and waist. Subcutaneous fat assists in many roles, like insulating your body from extreme temperature. However, excess amounts of this fat increase your risk of developing severe medical conditions, including type 2 diabetes or heart disease.

  • Visceral fat

This type of fat surrounds significant body organs like the heart, liver, and stomach. Visceral fat can build up in blood vessels, specifically the arteries, and cause blockage and narrowing. As a result, patients with excess visceral fat levels can develop insulin resistance and increased blood pressure.

Is CoolSculpting safe?

CoolSculpting is an effective fat cell removal procedure. The FDA has certified this cryolipolysis procedure as safe and effective for use. This procedure stands out mainly because of its minimal risk factors compared to other invasive procedures like liposuction, which can cause adverse side effects.

Risks and side effects of CoolSculpting

If you have doubts about the efficacy of CoolSculpting, you should not. This procedure is safe and effective for eliminating fat cells. However, you should expect some side effects after undergoing the treatment. The following are the most common CoolSculpting risks and side effects that patients report:

  • Pain and aching: This treatment bivalves the use of intense cold temperatures that may cause you to experience slight discomfort, tingling, and aching in the treatment area.
  • Temporary irritation: Cold temperatures can irritate your skin, causing swelling, bruising, or temporary skin discoloration.
  • Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia: Cryolypolisis causes fat cells to shrink. However, fat cells might enlarge instead, resulting in this side effect which requires additional corrective procedures like liposuction.

It is essential to seek professional intervention to reduce the risks of treatment complications. Contact Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center to receive a safe, risk-free, and comprehensive CoolSculpting procedure.